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Blow Torches

The utensil that gives the final touch to your food!

Everything you need to finish off meat, fish, vegetables or desserts. Blow torches such as Searzall and Handyjet are also suitable for sous vide cooking. Whatever your purpose, we have a torch to suit you and your cooking. By using a blow torch, you can partially replace the stove or grill. When you want to get the perfect finish on meat, fish, poultry or vegetables, or the crunchy layer of sugar on a crème brûlée, this tool does the job without the mess. Using high temperature, you create a maillard effect on the surface, which gives both colour, texture and taste. To get that crispy coating on a creme brulee, a blow torch is the tool you need! Here you will also find gas cylinders, nozzles and other accessories for blow torches.
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