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Brewing coffee grinders

Brewing coffee with freshly ground coffee beans can produce a whole range of flavours that are different from those of ready-ground coffee. As soon as the coffee beans are crushed, a significantly larger surface area is exposed to oxygen and this causes the coffee to lose depth of flavour. Most cups of coffee brewed in Sweden today are made with pre-ground coffee - and we at KitchenLab can really appreciate that taste too. But with freshly ground brewed coffee, a whole host of other flavor nuances emerge. People who have started to grind their own coffee and buy good quality fresh roast rarely go back on their own. Here you can find coffee grinders that are adapted for brewing coffee and pour over. A coffee grinder for brewing coffee does not place the same high demands on being able to provide a uniform particle size for finely ground coffee. But uniform particle size is also important when brewing coffee, so it's a good idea to invest in a good grinder. Here you will find coffee grinders with conical grinding discs as they give a superior result compared to grinders with knife blades.
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