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Circulators for sous vide

Sous vide and circulators have taken Sweden by storm. And if you want to offer that perfectly cooked piece of fish or meat that you can only get in the finer restaurants, it's a great gadget. A sous vide circulator is a precise, temperature-controlled heating element that keeps a water bath at a constant temperature. Heat is transferred more efficiently in water than in air, which means that a food item – placed in a plastic bag without air – to be cooked carefully and controlled. The circulator keeps track of the water and the temperature you want the food to be at. If you follow the instructions, it guarantees that the food will never be under or overcooked. Since the water never gets hotter than what you have set, the temperature of what you cook will never get hotter than that either. Here you will find our range of circulators for those who want to cook sous vide at home.
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