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Coffee maker

Coffee brewer, coffee machine, coffee maker - our dear morning, elevenses and afternoon friend has many names and many times of the day it comes into action. A classic way to start the morning is with a cup of coffee - and then keep making new cups at regular intervals throughout the day. For us Swedes, coffee is not something to be trifled with; with 9 kilos of coffee per person per year, we are among the world's top coffee consumers. Here you will find coffee makers, siphon brewers and real quality makers from Moccamaster and Wilfa. If you are looking for coffee makers for restaurants and cafes, we of course have that too. Here you will also find accessories for the coffee maker. We have gasket sets for your mocha maker, extra jugs for the Moccamaster and spare filter holders. Other accessories can be found under the category Coffee accessories.
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