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Hand mixers

Mix smoothly and easily with a hand blender

The hand blender is a machine that you will find yourself using more often than not. Small and nimble in nature and yet so incredibly powerful. Just stick it in the pot when you want to make soup - or in the bottom of a tall bowl with eggs and oil in and whirl up a creamy mayonnaise in a jiffy. The hand blenders you'll find here are of the highest quality and will make all your mixing tasks a pleasure. Here you can also find accessories for your hand blender. We have, among other things, jugs, special blades and spare parts.
Stick blender, Plissé - Alessi
Alessi More options
Stick blender, Plissé - Alessi
154 €
Dynamix Whisk - Dynamic
Dynamix Whisk - Dynamic
181 €
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