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Siphons for different occasions

Create bubbly drinks, perfectly fluffy cream or frothy soup with a cream siphon, soda siphon or another siphon! Siphons are the collective name for containers that use pressure to dissolve gases in liquids. With a cream siphon, you can quickly whip cream, without mess or circumstance, and neatly spritz cakes with different types of siphon. To quickly add carbon dioxide to drinks, use a soda siphon with carbon dioxide cartridges, it can even be taken out for a picnic! For fat-based liquids, cartridges with nitrous oxide, N2O, are used, while carbon dioxide cartridges, CO2, are what give water-based drinks bubbles. Most of our siphons are made of stainless steel or aluminium and are easy to wash and keep whole and clean. The sifter is now an indispensable tool for many ambitious cooks - the ability to add fluff and volume to soups, sauces and emulsions in a natural way means that its popularity is growing. Then the technique of rapid infusion has also grown in popularity lately as you can make infusions with enormous depth of flavour in just a few minutes. Questions about how a siphon works? Read our siphon guide and learn more!
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