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Coffee presses

The coffee press has gone from being a concept reserved for the press coffee buffet to now including the immensely popular Aeropress and even hand-pumped espresso makers. Not only do the coffee presses differ in appearance and method, the metal filter that all press pots have makes for a heavier cup of coffee, whereas with the Aeropress you get a relatively light cup. Both are brewed by full immersion, which means that all the coffee is in contact with all the water during the entire brewing process. It gives a different flavor profile than pour-over coffee where the coffee continuously flows through. With a hand-pumped espresso machine, you can make a pretty good cup of coffee even when travelling or in the great outdoors. Here you will find all the coffee presses we sell. Here you will also find extra pots for your press brewer, nozzles for your Aeropress and other accessories for the coffee presses we sell.
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