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Vacuum machines

Sous vide - Vacuum machines

Good and reliable vacuum machines should be in every kitchen. Does that sound like a semi-expensive geek gadget to you? We think the opposite. Vacuuming the food or raw materials will make them last longer, thereby also reducing waste. At the risk of sounding like an extremely dry politician, food waste is actually one of our biggest environmental problems, so by getting a vacuum cleaner, you could say you're combining utility with a bit of geek fun. With a vacuum packer, you also have a real advantage when it comes to sous-vide cooking. And are you one of the many Swedes who, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, have a hunting licence? Then a vacuum packer should be as obvious a possession as the gun. Kill a moose, cut, pack, vacuum. Here you can find our wide range of vacuum machines in different price ranges.
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