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Meat grinders

The explosion of high quality burger places in recent years is something we are delighted about. The fact that there can be such a big difference between something that is so simple in concept is in itself not surprising to us. Ice cream, bread and tomato sauce are all examples of food that is basically made from simple and easily available ingredients, but where care and quality are really evident in the final product. To be able to make really good burgers, sausages, meatballs or bolognese at home, you will need a meat grinder. Not only do you get the meat freshly ground, you can choose which cuts you want the meat to consist of. For example, burgers, you want have a fat content of around 20% - far above the pre-ground mince you find in stores. So if you want to really spice up your burgers with fairly simple means, buy a meat grinder, choose quality meat in different cuts (preferably a mixture of prime rib, sirloin and loin) and grind it at home. Here you can find both motor-driven and hand-cranked meat grinders of high quality. You can also find accessories for your meat grinder such as sausage tubes, grinder knives and grinder discs. If you have an Ankarsrum and are looking for a meat grinder for it, you will find it under Kitchen appliances > Kitchen appliances.
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