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Induction cookers

Induction cookers work in a completely different way to other heat sources. Underneath the plate is a coil, and when current moves through it, a high-frequency magnetic field is created. Through this magnetic field, electric current is created in the bottom of your saucepan, pot or frying pan. Thanks to the electrical resistance at the bottom, the metal gets hot. Therefore, for a frying or cooking vessel to work on induction, it must have a magnetic metal bottom.. So it's not the hob itself that gets hot and transfers the heat, it's your frying or cooking vessel that creates the heat. Bertazzoni is the only manufacturer of stoves that we at KitchenLab sell, and for good reason. At Bertazzoni, a fine craftsmanship tradition has been brought into the new century with consistently high quality and engineering. Their stoves are characterised by a beautiful design and outstanding functionality. With us you will find models in several colours and models.
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