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Vac-Star® Sous-Vide Circulator - Home Chef

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    • Meet the new Sous-vide circulator from Vac-Star. With the anti-reflective touch screen you can easily set the desired temperature between 25-99 degrees and also the timer up to 99 hours. Equipped with a powerful 1.3 kW element, it quickly heats your water to the desired temperature.

      Works best up to 20 liters of water. In an insulated vessel, it can do much more.

      Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth) 350/98/158 mm
      Heating time: 15 minutes to 65°C
      Temperature range 25°C to 100°C
      Temperature stability 0.1°C
      What is a Sous Vide circulator?

      A Sous Vide circulator is a precise, temperature-controlled heating element that keeps a water bath at a constant temperature. Heat transfers more efficiently in water than in air, so a food item - placed in a plastic bag without air - is cooked gently and in a controlled manner. The circulator keeps track of the water and the temperature you want your food to be at. Following the instructions ensures that the food is never under- or overcooked. Since the water will never be hotter than what you have set, the temperature of what you are cooking will never be hotter than that either. It doesn't really matter if it stays a little longer.

      With the temperature precision of circulators, you can easily decide whether you want your meat rare, medium, well-done and everything in between. Fish is incredibly tasty - and so is chicken. You can also make other things such as eggs, yogurt and crème brûlée. We at KitchenLab have compiled our best cooking times and temperatures for sous vide - check out our guide here. And if you're interested in knowing more, we have a blog post here that explains it in more detail..

      Buy a circulator and spend your time doing something other than keeping track of temperatures - watching the latest episode of Stranger Things, throwing a frisbee, or cooking some really tasty side dishes. Whatever you cook with the circulator will be perfect every time.

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