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    • A completely unique restaurant in Stockholm has succeeded in redefining modern hedonistic gastronomy. Restaurant Frantzén is a sensation in global fine-dining, and now the team behind this success shares recipes, inspiration, thoughts and details surrounding the creation of this gastronomic destination and institution. Creating and running a restaurant on this scale doesn't just require perfect ingredients and the latest technology; everything is about the human factor at every step. Unbridled creativity and artisanal perfection. Restaurant Frantzén is not a restaurant factory, it is an artistic studio. The creation of the dishes is central at Frantzén, the guests' journey in this universe is both visual and tactile, all participants play their irreplaceable roles. Handmade and custom-made, emotional and surprising, unforgettable and personal. The only restaurant in Sweden to be awarded the Michelin guide's highest award, three stars, and with countless extreme awards in international guides and industry rankings, a meal at Frantzén is a global destination that no foodie wants to miss. The book goes through in detail the most iconic dishes, step by step, created by the team at Frantzén. Illustrated by Martin Botvidsson's and Stefan Gissberg's photographs, texts by Mattias Kroon, framed by design and layout signed by Stefan Gissberg. Björn Frantzén has created a unique vision for Nordic food, which combines sublime ingredients with astonishing culinary techniques. Björn Frantzén's gastronomic expression is really worth the trip and is a gastronomic experience like no other.

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