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Wireless Barbecue thermometer with repeater, Meater+

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    • You can buy the finest grill and the best craftsmanship you can find, but if you don't keep an eye on the internal temperatures, your grilling won't be much better for it, unfortunately. A good thermometer is therefore almost a prerequisite for consistently serving food with perfect results. Now we can happily present the wireless grill thermometers from Meater. Of course there are several wireless, connected variants on the market, but we have really taken a liking to this one. The device itself has two sensors, one is located at the tip and the other is integrated into the ceramic back. One therefore measures the internal temperature of the meat, while the other measures the ambient temperature and is used by the app to be able to calculate the cooking time. That combination gives better insight into what is happening and gives you the conditions to be able to move the meat to a warmer/cooler part of the grill. The thermometer comes with an associated app that is well developed and well thought out. You can either connect it via bluetooth or WiFi (with another smart phone or pad). The app is designed to give you everything from ready-made time and temperature settings, to full control over every step - depending on your knowledge and level of ambition. The app can, among other things, estimate when the meat is ready, also including further temperature changes when the meat is taken from the grill. You can also display temperature in accurate graphs that can be saved and shared with others so you can recreate your perfect brisket every time. Support for Amazon Alexa to provide time, temperature and status updates. There is no built-in display, but temperature readings and the like take place exclusively via the app. Specification:s Up to 4 devices can be used simultaneously in the app Bluetooth - 4.0 - Range: up to 50 m (line of sight) together with wooden case. Compatible with Android 5.0 or later and iOS 10.3 or later. Max measurable temperature: 100 °C (meat), 275 °C (ambient temperature). Units - °C and °F. Battery life - up to 24 h. The sensor is charged in the storage box and one charge is enough for up to 24 hours of uninterrupted cooking. The box is powered by AAA batteries and one battery gives you 100 charges. Dimensions Ø 6 mm / 13 cm / 170 grams https://www.kitchenlab.se/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/873139657.mp4
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