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Wine opener / blade opener - Peugeot Mathus Basalte

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    • The leaf opener is your best friend in getting the cork out of a bottle of still wine with age!
      No one wants to drink old wine, you might think. But in fact, wine is one of the few foods that can change over time without going bad, developing new nuances and sensations as the components of the wine change. Over time, the cork also breaks down from both external stresses and long contact with the wine. With an ordinary screw cap, the risk is therefore great that you only get half the cork out of the bottle and the piece that remains is so porous that you often have to push the cork down into the bottle, which no one wants!

      The leaf opener is designed in such a way that it pinches the cork from the sides instead. With a sideways twisting motion and a slight upward pull, the cork will slowly come out in one piece, trapped between the leaves. COOL WHAT?!

      - We think so!
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