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Thermometer Testo 104-IR

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    • Combination thermometer - IR and insertion measurement -30... 250°C IR measurement -50... 250°C plug-in measurement Foldable sensor Fast plug-in sensor 2-point laser sight Measuring optics 10:1 Waterproof IP65 MAX/MIN function Complies with EU standard EN13485 Testo 104-IR combines the advantages of IR temperature measurement and plug-in measurement, as it has both functions in a single instrument. 2-point laser sight clearly marks the entire surface of the measurement spot. With the IR sensor, you quickly scan the temperature distribution in a larger area. If any discrepancies are found, it is easy to make a thorough check with the insertion sensor. To check uncertain measured values, you can, for example, insert the sensor between two packages. The instrument is equipped with an audible alarm that is triggered when the set limit value is exceeded. Supplied with battery, Swedish manual and factory calibration protocol.
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    • Delivered article number: 0560-1040 EAN: 4029547011870
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