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The Chef's Press, roasting weight - Bruce Hill

  • Ventilated stone weight developed by Chef Bruce Hill
  • Gives an even and beautiful surface to your food
  • Available in two different weights, 8 oz (227 grams) and 13 oz (369 grams)
  • Stackable, both for storage and to regulate weight
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8 oz
8 oz 13 oz 18 oz
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  • Information
    • The Chef's Press is a roasting weight that is ventilated and is available in three different weight classes. Chef Bruce Hill in San Francisco, after many years at the stove, felt that the traditional roasting weights weighed down the food too much and that the steam from the food remained and made the result worse. With The Chef's Press, you can also regulate the weight by placing one or more frying weights on top of each other. With the frying weight, you shorten the frying time by approx. 20-30% thanks to more of the food coming into contact with the heating surface. In addition, the surface of the food becomes smoother and more beautiful. The Chef's Press is equally suitable for meat, fish and vegetables. The price is per piece.
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