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    • About Sodium Citrate (E331) Sodium Citrate is a salt of citric acid and like it has a sour and salty taste. It is mainly used to flavour food and drinks or as a preservative. A useful property is that it reduces acidity, which e.g. allows you to create spheres even with really acidic ingredients - something that is otherwise a problem. It is also very useful for making processed cheese at home. A homemade melted cheese of a good cheddar on the burger is awfully good. It is easily soluble and reacts immediately. Use Dissolve it in a ratio of 0.5% - 5% by weight. How much you need depends on the ph value and the taste you are looking for. It dissolves quickly in both hot and cold solutions. It can also be used to keep fruits and vegetables from turning brown. Changing the ph value with sodium citrate Solutions with ph 2 – add 0.3% and you get ph 5 Solutions with ph 2.5 – add 0.09% and you get ph 5 Solutions with ph 3 – add 0.03% and you get ph 5 Solutions with ph 3.5 -add 0.01% and you get ph 5 Ingredients: Sodium citrate E331. Vegan Store dark and cool. Lasts 24 months.
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