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Salt stone, Himalaya 30x20x3 cm - Satake

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    • This pink salt stone originates from the heart of the Himalayas. Consisting of 100% natural crystal salt from over 180 million years ago. The stone is completely natural and without chemicals or other additives. The Himalayan salt stone gives your dishes a delicious "salty touch"! Plus, you use less salt than when you season the meal yourself. There are several different ways to use the salt brick, for any temperate serving or cooking.

      Cooking with the salt brick
      A heated salt brick can be used at the dining table to cook small pieces of fish or meat. For larger pieces, the salt stone can be used in or on the heat source directly.
      The salt stone can be heated in different ways and keeps the temperature for about 20 minutes.

        • BBQ/gas grill
          Start heating the salt stone with a low temperature. After 30 minutes, the heat can be increased and after about 45 minutes the stone is ready for use.

        • Oven
          The salt stone can also be used in the oven but it must not be preheated, as there is a risk of the salt stone cracking. Increase the heat to 60°C, and then increase the temperature every 20 minutes for 1 hour. Max temp: 180°C.

      Refrigerated Salt Stone
      Place the salt stone in the freezer and after about 30 minutes it is ready to serve on carpaccio, sushi or sashimi. Even cold desserts can be served on a cooled salt stone.

      After the salt stone has cooled, it should be rinsed and dried thoroughly. Due to the antibacterial properties of salt, no detergent is needed. Too much water causes growing cracks in the stone and should therefore never be placed in a dishwasher. Let the salt stone dry thoroughly before next use (about 24h). Extra information: Salt melts at 800°C.

      Make your own gravlax! Press the salmon fillet with sugar and dill between two salt stones, wrap in paper and store in the cold for 1-3 days.
      - Fry eggs and bacon at the table!
      - Don't forget the salt stone when presenting your delicious desserts! Bavarois, ice cream and sorbet with a little salty touch. Your guests will love it!
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