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Peeler different models - Satake

Double -sided scalar
Double -sided scalar Fine shreds Rough strip
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    • Double-sided peeler, black:

      Equal peeling in both directions. Perfect for potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, asparagus, tomatoes and more.

      The double-sidedness allows you to create long, continuous garlands to spruce up salads or decorate like the star chefs.

      • For right- and left-handers

      • Titanium-coated blade maintains sharpness

      • Dishwasher safe

      • 10-year warranty

      Ginger shredder peeler, silver: out of stock

      The shredder for the connoisseur. Perfect for shredding ginger, cucumber, carrots, lemon peel, chocolate and much more.

      Shred directly on sandwiches, in sauces and marinades. Spice up your salad or decorate your baked goods like a pastry chef.

      • Shreds about 2 mm wide strips

      • For right- and left-handed people

      • Titanium-coated blade keeps the sharpness

      • Dishwasher safe

      • 10-year warranty

      Growing shredder peeler, Bronze:

      The vegetable shredder, or pasta shredder for zucchini, pumpkin, squash, eggplant, cucumber and more.

      Perfect tool for vegetarian dishes. Convenient tool for vegetarian pasta, a bowl of raw pasta and impressive garnishes.

      • Shreds approx. 4 mm wide strips

      • For right and left-handed people

      • Titanium-coated blade keeps sharpness

      • Dishwasher safe

      • 10-year warranty

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