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Pacojet 4

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    • The new Pacojet 4 comes with a bang and opens doors that were previously left ajar. 

      The new model of Pacojet is incredibly quiet and extremely efficient, optimal for maximizing its full potential and with every improvement from the previous model that anyone could think of. Perhaps the most famous and coveted machine in a professional kitchen is now back in a new guise to become even more desirable. Mostly known as an ice cream maker, a Pacojet makes sorbet, ice cream, mousseline, mousse, soups, concentrates, doughs, batters and much more. Basically, the blade micropurifies both fresh and frozen products to a consistency so smooth that a child's cheek looks like the underside of a sock puppet. It also unlocks the flavors in their purest and noblest form for a completely inimitable result. To make a pear sorbet, for example, cut pieces of pear into a Pacojet cup, fill it with syrup and freeze it for 24 hours. Then prepare the cup with the frozen contents of your Pacojet and it will whip up just the right amount of portions for a pear sorbet that will be the best you've ever eaten.

      Run with the classic pacotizing® mode in a four-minute program, or the new Pacojet 4 jet mode in 90 seconds. The jet program can speed up the process on cups that contain a lot of sugar or fat (such as ice cream) to greatly increase productivity.

      As usual, you can work with overpressure or normal pressure. With an overpressure of 1 bar you can increase the volume of the product up to 20-30%. Perfect for mousse or anything else that you want to get a cloud-like texture on the tongue.

      The machine has an automatic repeat function that allows you to repeat a program ten times to get the portions completely unreal airy.

      The large touch display comes with educational and clear instructions on how to use the machine, even with animations. This allows it to be easily used by everyone in the kitchen with good results. What's more, you can save and log recipes in the software so everyone has access to the recipe bank.

      The machine goes into standby mode automatically after a time you set, but wakes up instantly as soon as you touch it again. What's more, it is extremely easy to clean.

      Safety is also carefully considered. The machine itself senses that all parts are correct and fit properly, otherwise it cannot be used. In addition, the machine alerts you if the cup is too full. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, the machine can innovatively handle any error messages or find reasons why it doesn't behave the way you want it to.

      Comes complete with a synthetic cup with lid. The outer container included is only compatible with synthetic cups. Therefore, to use stainless steel cups, a different outer container is needed.

      With regard to compatibility between different generations, the following applies:

      The knife for Pacojet 4 is unique to generation 4, so it is not possible to use a knife for Pacojet 2 or 2 Plus for this model, but the knife from 4 actually works for Pacojet 2 Plus (without the machine being able to identify that the knife is correct).

      The cups are the same for all models and generations. However, please note that a different outer container than the one included with the Pacojet 4 is required to use stainless steel cups. The outer container included works for synthetic containers.

      Technical spec:

      Power consumption: 1500 W
      Network connection: 802.11 b/g 2.4 Ghz
      Dimensions (mm): 497 x 204 x 365 (H x W x D)
      Weight: 22.5 kg
      Overpressure: ca 1 bar
      Sound volume: 76.4 dB (A)
      Cord: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

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