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Krumkake Iron/Waffle cone iron - Åviken

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    • Krumkake iron from Åviken with a stylish design. Perfect for making crispy krumkake or ice cream cones with a nice pattern. The krumkake iron has plates made of thick cast aluminum with non-stick coating. The pattern is taken from Hallingdal in Norway in about 1750.<br><br> With handle designed to prevent burns.<br> Adjustable thermostat so you can regulate the temperature yourself.<br> Sound signal when the iron is ready for use.<br> Can be stored on edge.<br>1000 watts.<br> GS approved krumkake iron.<br><br> TIP! If you want to shape the mug into a small bowl for serving ice cream or berries and whipped cream, remove it from the iron while it is still hot and pliable. Shape the wafer by placing it on an upside-down glass/small bowl, bend the edges down and let it cool.<br><br> Basic recipe for ice cream cone:<br> 4 eggs<br> 250 g granulated sugar<br> 250 g butter<br>250 g wheat flour<br> 250 g potato flour<br> 400-500 g water<br><br> Whisk the eggs and sugar until porous. Melt the butter and add it alternately with the water and flour to the batter. Fry thin wafers in a heated wafer iron. Roll the wafers over a rolling pin while they are still hot. If you don't have a rolling pin, you can roll the wafers by hand. You can also shape the wafers into small dessert bowls.
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