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Knife sharpening (only in store).

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    • Dull knives make cooking more dangerous and boring. That's why you should send your knives for sharpening, the knives are guaranteed to be like new!

      Here in our webshop you can order envelopes for 3, 4, 5 or 6 knives. The envelopes contain cardboard knife protectors that you protect the edge with before you put the knives in the envelope, which you then mail to our partner Go Sharp, which then takes care of everything about your knife sharpening via the sharpeners at Knivkultur.

      Here's how it works:

      1. After ordering, you will receive a specially designed knife package. Pack your knives with the included knife guards
      2. Drop off your package at the nearest postal agent (shipping is included in the price)
      3. Collect your newly sharpened knives at the nearest agent within 2-4 days (shipping is included in the price)

      We also receive knives for sharpening in our store at Birger Jarlsgatan 106 in Stockholm. These are then picked up by Knivkultur personally, and returned to our store within a week. For this we charge 95 SEK per knife.

      In our Malmö store we also receive knives for hand sharpening on the sharpening stone by our very own Alexander Haglund. It costs from SEK 120 depending on the size of the knife.

      We use Sweden's probably best knife sharpener Knivkultur on Ekerö, who sharpen everything from everyday knives to exclusive rarities. For 35 years, they have built up a solid craftsmanship with attention to detail, and served star chefs, hobby chefs, butchers and others who need the utmost sharpness in their profession. They also fix small nicks in the edge, protruding heels, simple blade alignment, clean up the shape and adjust damaged tips. They sharpen all types of stainless steel, carbon steel and ceramic knives, as well as all types of outdoor knives and scissors.

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