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Japanese charcoal Barbecue, Professional - Konro

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    • About Konro Table Grill Make the barbecue party more focused on cooking and let everyone grill their own food! You do it most elegantly and best on a table grill from the Swedish brand Konro. The grills are made in Japan and intended for outdoor use. The biggest difference from your other grill is that it does best in the middle of the table. Light and use it like a regular charcoal grill - both charcoal and briquettes work well. What Konro recommends you use are briquettes as they burn more slowly. But of course it depends on which coal you use. Pick out seafood, vegetables or thin slices of meat and invite to a Korean BBQ in the sun. Of course, it is also possible to grill larger pieces. ATTENTION! The barbecue is sensitive to moisture, so do not leave it out in the rain or on dewy nights. (And don't rinse it off with the water hose if it's dirty :). The grill is made of diatomite, a natural material that was formed by plankton more than 20 million years ago. They are made entirely by hand and provide unique grilling characteristics - slow combustion, high temperature and less smoke while not getting hot on the outside. On the side of the grill there is an adjustable air intake which makes it easy to adjust the temperature. Dimensions: Medium: 31 cm long / 23 cm wide / 20 cm high - fits 2 - 6 people Large: 54 cm long / 23 cm wide / 20 cm high - fits 2 - 10 people X-Large: 77 cm long / 23 cm wide / 20 cm high XX-Large: 92 cm long / 34 cm wide / 18 cm high. The difference between handmade and pressed Konro Handmade: double-jacketed bottom that provides better air flow via air intake/damper on the side - air holes in the upper bottom that affect air flow and increased/better temperature control - low weight - easy to take on, for example, a picnic. Pressed: is basically made of the same material, but crushed and compressed under pressure and heat. This means that it has thicker walls and higher weight. It provides slightly better durability which is suitable for restaurants that need to use it for a longer time and frequent grilling. Air intakes are available but these do not have a double-walled bottom.
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