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Cream siphon / Food siphon Gourmet Whip - iSi

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    • There is no doubt that the world's best siphons come from iSi. The Gourmet Whip sets the standard for what you can create with a siphon, and you'll be looking for a long time before you find a chef worthy of the name who would consider using another. It is a solid stainless steel construction made for professional use. The siphon is loaded with gas cartridges of N2O, nitrous oxide (most often) or CO2, carbonic acid (less often), which are used to create a pressure in the container that causes the gases to dissolve faster in the raw materials. This is one of our absolute favourite tools in the kitchen. Siphons enable completely new ways to bring out flavors and create textures. The question you can ask yourself is closer to 'what can't you do?' than the opposite - we use them for everything possible. From carbonated fruits and perfectly whipped cream to fluffy purees and an airy sugar cookie that goes in the microwave for a minute. You can also store your filled siphon in the fridge for several days without the contents going bad, as the relatively lower concentration of oxygen inhibits the growth of microorganisms. Siphons work great for temperatures up to 75ºC, meaning you can make a hollandaise with your Eggs Benedict and not have to worry about it separating. Just let the siphon rest in a water bath (using a sous-vide circulator you can regulate the temperature of the contents of the siphon) before presenting your deliciously fluffy sauce and topping with a few sprigs of chives. Quickly infuse with your siphon. Another way to use your Gourmet Whip is to be able to quickly infuse flavors. You pour in a liquid, add whatever you want to flavour it with and then you pressurise it with N2O. Then everything is forced to squeeze together, deep into the pores. Then, when you release the pressure, the liquid draws a lot of flavour from the other ingredients. Unlike other methods of infusing flavours, it is fast (good effect is often achieved in less than 5 minutes) and because it is so fast, you can easily correct and improve. This method also preserves the fresh taste of fresh ingredients, rather than infusions that sit for days. Three different nozzles - one straight, one tulip-shaped and one star-shaped - and a pipe cleaner are included. It is available in full, half and quart sizes. Another positive effect of the siphon is that it significantly extends the shelf life of most foodstuffs. This is because the oxygen-poor atmosphere in the siphon makes life difficult for most microorganisms. In addition, the pressurised container is impossible to contaminate with new bacteria from the outside. Click here to see more recipes https://youtu.be/uK2T9WxjUvc
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