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    • Table grill, konrogrill, hibachi grill - there are many names. Not since the Swedish taco started making its way into the home 30 years ago have we had an imported interactive food habit that challenged popularity in such a serious way. The benefits of this type of grilling are many. For example, it is incredibly nice to have a small grill in the middle of the table that is running throughout the evening where it is quick and easy to cook food as long as there is something left to eat. Thanks to the thick walls, the heat is insulated and all the energy rises straight up and gives a great effect. It's a real struggle for the heat to escape to the sides, which means you can sit together near the busy grill without needing either a fan or an ice-cold drink in your hand to cope. If you also use an appropriate type of charcoal that is compact and sturdy, you have the chance to get the temperature up properly while keeping the burning time to hours and smoke to a minimum. Because of the high temperatures involved, the grill is best suited to small pieces of food, pre-prepared and cut meat, vegetables and the like that can be quickly and easily kissed on the grill. A perfect complement to sous vide if you have larger pieces of meat but want to get a barbecue flavor. If you only like brisket and low and slow, this is not the right type of grill, this is the grill equivalent of a grill pan rather than a dutch oven. It's Paganini and not Satie. Steeplechase and not ice dancing. Amy Schumer and not Meryl Streep. Niagara Falls and not Lake Como. Aschberg and not Nordegren and Epstein. Cartoon Network and not Skrotnisse. I think you're getting the hang of it.
      Even if a good coal doesn't smell so much, the food can still smell. If you add a marinated shrimp that drips oil into the coal, it will smoke. In addition, you should keep in mind that even if it is not visible, the combustion process eats oxygen and creates carbon monoxide. Therefore, grill outdoors and not in confined spaces.
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