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Binchotan, Japanese charcoal

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    • Binchotan charcoal of exceptional quality! Burns almost completely without smoke.

      Binchotan means white oak in Japanese and is so hard that it sounds like glass rods when you tap them together. The high density that gives the charcoal its characteristic ringing sound makes it - compared to inferior charcoal - difficult to ignite, but once it catches fire it burns for a very long time and at a high temperature.

      The sticks are about 23 cm long, with a diameter of 5 cm and weigh between 350 and 400 grams each.

      Sold in about 1 kg (3-5 sticks)

      "Binchō-tan" is a form of activated carbon that is made through a special manufacturing process originally from Japan. It is known for its high density and its ability to burn very hot and long. Unlike regular charcoal, binchotan is made through a process called "ubame oak" where oak wood is burned in a low-oxygen environment for up to two weeks. This results in a very dense piece of charcoal with a clean, white color.

      Binchotan has many benefits for cooking and grilling. First, it burns much longer than regular charcoal and provides a constant heat, making it ideal for slow cooking. Secondly, binchotan produces minimal ash and smoke, providing a cleaner flavor profile for grilled meat and vegetables. Its high density also allows for a higher burn rate, meaning that less charcoal is needed to generate the same amount of heat as with regular charcoal.

      In addition to its use in grilling and cooking, binchotan is also used for water and air purification. Its high porosity makes it ideal for filtering out unwanted substances from water, such as chemicals and pollutants. Binchotan is also used in air purifiers to remove odors and moisture from the air.

      In Japan, there are different grades of binchotan depending on the type of wood and the manufacturing process. There are also different uses for each grade, such as cooking, water purification or use in traditional Japanese ceramic teapots. Regardless of its use, binchotan is a unique and versatile form of charcoal with a fascinating history and manufacturing process.


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